2017 Practitioner Workshop

Washington, D.C., October 2nd & 3rd

The HIA Practitioner Workshop (formerly HIA of the Americas) presents a unique opportunity for current practitioners of Health Impact Assessment to participate in strategic field building. The workshop is uniquely structured around small working groups, with additional presentations and a keynote panel.

The objectives of this two-day workshop were to:

  • Build a community of HIA practitioners by offering an intimate forum to network and share ideas and tools that elevate the practice of HIA; and
  • Promote excellence in HIA by sharing best practices, tackling challenging HIA related issues, disseminating resources, and beginning the development of new resources for the field.
The 2017 HIA Practitioner Workshop in Washington, DC was a tremendous success with a variety of exciting and insightful sessions. Thank you to everyone made this event possible. The Workshop could not have been held without the very generous support of the Health Impact Project, Human Impact Partners, Kay Houghton and Associates, and Georgia Health Policy Center. We also want to thank all participants of the Workshop for their enthusiastic engagement and generous sharing of ideas.

Workshop Materials

History of HIA and SOPHIA
Panel Presentations
Open Space Session
Attendees List

Workshop Summary



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