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Health in All Policies Working Group

Connecting practitioners and resources

Current Activities

The WG will focus on the following activities in 2023-2024:

    • Develop an updated customizable tool to help practitioners select the most actionable HiAP strategies and tactics based on local dynamics

    • Develop resources for agencies that want to hire HiAP professionals

    • Explore case studies of national and international HiAP efforts and tell those stories through SOPHIA newsletters, webinars, and conferences


    As the practice of HiAP expands, SOPHIA seeks to support that work and its practitioners. The objective of this Working Group is to identify barriers and solutions to implementing HIA/HiAP initiatives. We seek to connect practitioners, provide resources, and highlight on-the-ground experiences from HIA/HiAP practitioners. 

    History and Resources

    HIA is commonly used as a tool to implement an existing HIAP framework or as a way to begin a discussion about inserting health and equity into programs, projects, processes and policies. 

    This Working Group builds on the successes of the previous HiAP Working Groups (WGs) dating back to 2012. In 2012, the HiAP WG looked at the similarities and differences between HIA and HiAP, and in 2014 the WG developed the HiAP Screening Tool to help practitioners decide between HiAP-like approaches when HIA is not a good fit. This screening tool is being updated and released in early 2024.

    The HiAP Implementation Guide was developed by the SOPHIA HiAP working group in 2023 and is based on the previous works by Gase et al. (2013), and the SOPHIA HiAP Screening Guide (2017). 

    Check out the numerous HiAP resources on the SOPHIA HiAP Resources webpage.


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