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SOPHIA was formed in late 2011 by a group convened at the 2010 HIA of the Americas Workshop. Originally, SOPHIA was focused on promoting the practice of Health Impact Assessment only. However, as the practice grew, we believe HIA became a tool of the broader practice of Health in All Policies. We chose this term to be more inclusive. We welcome all HIA and HiAP practitioners, whether experienced or novice, from any geographic region or country, and those with a broader interest in HIA, to join us. Please visit this page to learn more about becoming a member.

Our Mission

SOPHIA is an association of individuals and organizations providing leadership and promoting excellence in the practice of health impact assessment and Health in All Policies.

Our Vision

SOPHIA will be a leading network of health impact assessment practitioners. By promoting and practicing a thorough and systematic consideration of health in decision making, we work towards achieving better and more equitable health for all.

Our Values

As health impact assessment/HiAP practitioners, our work will reflect the following core values:

  • Democracy: emphasizing the right of people to participate in the formulation of decisions that affect their lives.
  • Equity: emphasizing the reduction of inequity that results from avoidable differences in health determinants and/or health status within affected populations.
  • Sustainability: emphasizing that decisions should meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • Ethical use of evidence: emphasizing that transparent and rigorous processes are used to synthesize and interpret evidence, that the best available evidence from different disciplines and methodologies is utilized, that all evidence is valued, and that recommendations are developed impartially.
  • Comprehensive approach to health: emphasizing that health and disease are determined by a broad range of factors from all aspects of the physical, social and economic environment.

[Values adapted from: Quigley R, den Broeder L, Furu P, Bond A, Cave B, Bos R. Health Impact Assessment International Best Practice Principles. Fargo, USA: International Association of Impact Assessment, 2006.]


SOPHIA is governed by a Steering Committee and staffed by one part-time coordinator and dozens of volunteer members. SOPHIA members nominate and elect the Steering Committee every year. SOPHIA is fiscally sponsored by Human Impact Partners.

Strategic Plan

SOPHIA’s Steering Committee and interested members concluded the last strategic planning process in early 2018. The resulting Strategic Plan defined our strategic directions and activities through 2020. It was revised in 2022 and the current Strategic Plan will guide us into the future.

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