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September 15 & 16, 2014

Over 80 HIA practitioners from the US and Canada came together on September 15 & 16 at the Fifth HIA of the AmericasWorkshop, hosted by SOPHIA. In addition to hearing lightning talks about inspiration in HIA and predictions about where the field will be fifteen years from now, those who attended participated in workgroup sessions to address important current issues in HIA.

Working groups covered:

  • Practice Standards & Pricing/Resourcing HIAs
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Mental Health
  • Using Peer Review to Improve HIA Quality
  • Is Now the Time for Advancing the Practice of HIA at the State, Regional and Federal Level
  • Equity in HIA
  • Improving the Practice of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Rigor of Qualitative Research in HIAs
  • Screening for Tools That Use HIA Values When HIA Does Not Fit

Please find the workgroup summaries, key contacts, and plans for next steps here. Many of these working groups plan to continue collaborative work to address these important issues over the coming year. If you are interested in participating in any working groups, even if you were not at the meeting, please contact the workgroup leads or ask SOPHIA’s Director Nancy Goff ( to connect you.

Conference Materials:
Workgroup Materials:

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