Welcome to the 2018-2020 Steering Committee

09 Aug 2018 3:03 PM | Anonymous

Please help us in welcoming two new and six returning members to the SOPHIA Steering Committee this term! It is important that such a talented force of HIA practitioners continues to commit their time and expertise to SOPHIA. This support from the Steering Committee and the ongoing commitment from our members are what make SOPHIA successful. Thank you!

Elected for the 2018-2020 Term:
Katie Hirono,* President
Ruth Lindberg,* Vice President - Communications
Prasanthi Persad, Vice President - Development
Audrey Boerner,* Secretary
Amy Meehan,* Treasurer
Sandra Whitehead,* Member-at-large
Benjamin Woelk, Member-at-large
Barry Keppard,* Member-at-large

an asterisk denotes returning members

Current 2017-2019 Term Members-at-Large include Jimmy Dills, Fiona Haigh, Erin Marziale, and Kerry Wyss. We are also thankful for Tatiana Lin, Past President, who continues to provide support and guidance. A more formal introduction to our two new members will be shared in the coming weeks on the website and through communications.

As we look forward to an exciting new term, we acknowledge and appreciate the work done by those completing their time serving within SOPHIA leadership. A big thanks to Lindsey Realmuto, Susan Sutherland, Steve White for their leadership over the years.

Please note: In lieu of a member-wide vote (required when there are more candidates than positions available), the Steering Committee approved the candidates unanimously in July.

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