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Job Opening: Community Health and Design Coordinator for Built Environment and Health Impact Assessment Unit (Harris County, Texas)

14 Dec 2016 3:14 PM | Deleted user

The Environmental Public Health (EPH) Community Health and Design Coordinator plays a key role for the Built Environment Unit (BEU). Responsible for managing community and stakeholder engagement activities, including the development and implementation of broad-based marketing, communications and public relations strategies to promote and sustain the community capacity-building within institutions and among residents, namely coordination of stakeholder events and other education and outreach activities of the community planning team; the development of marketing and educational materials; and ongoing evaluation of promotion, education and outreach efforts. 

Development and Coordination

  • Synthesizes complex and diverse information; collects and objectively weighs data.
  • Uses experience, intuition, and critical thinking to complement data.
  • Supports health impact assessments, rapid needs assessments or other programs and tools necessary to support the BEU objectives.
  • Develops various programs to meet the needs of the community.
  • Collaborates and partners with external organizations and corporations.
  • Serves as the primary BEU representative and contact person for various initiatives, including initiating and maintaining relationships with community organizations in order to accomplish the BEU objectives.
  • Coordinates all aspects of outreach events associated with the BEU.
  • Seeks to continually work towards an "All Health in Policies".
  • Participates, supports and engages in Health Impact Assessments (HIA), rapid needs assessment and other various initiatives.
  • Coordinates community events, health fairs, and other marketing activities as needed.
  • Serves as the community and stakeholder engagement team leader, content expert and advisor to the BEU.
  • Supports recruitment of stakeholders of both community residents and institutions for participation related to the BEU activities.
  • Conducts community and stakeholder research related to community residents and various sectors to inform education and outreach strategies.
  • Develops and implements work plans that address communication, public relations, education and outreach activities of the BEU with respect to assessment, issue and strategy prioritization and action plan development activities.
  • Oversees community capacity-building and mobilization efforts, including the coordination of webinar training, and educational workshops.
  • Develops and maintains record of outreach and communication channels and networks, including linkages to community gatekeepers and opinion leaders across various sectors via a contacts management system.
  • Monitors news sources, podcasts, webcasts, publications, and other media sources and informs collaborative participants and other stakeholders as information becomes available.
  • Closely monitors, tracks and evaluates results of promotion, education and outreach activities.
  • Provides needed summaries to required internal and external stakeholders.
  • Oversees the development, content and maintenance of a web-based platform (i.e. SharePoint) to support social computing, contacts and documents management and other applications relevant to community and stakeholder engagement activities.
  • Oversees the development and dissemination of culturally/linguistically appropriate promotional/marketing and educational material such as newsletters, web resource guides and press releases through various outlets, including print and electronic media through our Office of Public Information.
  • Ensures appropriate provision of interpretation, translation or other specific communication services (e.g. for the hearing or visually impaired and non-English speaking audiences) as required.
  • Performs other duties as assigned, including special tasks involved in responding to an emergency event.

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  • Job Opening: Community Health and Design Coordinator for Built Environment and Health Impact Assessment Unit (Harris County, Texas)
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